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Burin Plant Closure ‘Very Sad’

By Jamie Baker

Richard Cashin remembers exactly when he knew the end was near for the secondary processing plant in Burin, NL.

It was 2007, and the FFAW Founder and Former President had just finished his report on the ill-fated Raw Materials Sharing project for Newfoundland and Labrador. He was attending a meeting regarding the future of the province’s fishery.

The topic do jour at the time was the looming break-up of Fishery Products International (FPI). It was during that meeting that then-Premier Danny Williams made the famous offer to the industry that he would be prepared to pump significant cash into the purchase of FPI’s United States-based marketing arm — which included the secondary processing plant in Burin — if the industry could come up with a plan to operate it.

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Lobster Fiasco Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

By Alain Meuse

The first load of traps had been set and now the Gabby Hunter was back at a public wharf in downtown Yarmouth for the rest of the pots. High winds had cancelled the traditional dumping day the day before but now the sea gods had been appeased.

Peter Francis and his crew were putting the traps on board. At one point the possible opening day price was discussed. Three dollars and a quarter was mentioned, a figure he said wouldn’t put much money in the pockets of the crew.

This season opened with a lot of angst following the disastrous fishing period between November 2011 and May 2012.

Too many lobster of very poor quality were landed during those first two weeks of the season, and that sent the price into a tailspin. By springtime some buyers upped the ante to over $4 a pound. The landings were record breaking so it became evident that that price was too high.

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Out of the Norm Lobster Catch

By Mack Campbell

Back in the 1950’s when Norman Peters was a young man living in North Rustico, Prince Edward Island, he heard on the radio these lyrics about faraway places: “Faraway places with strange sounding names, faraway over the sea are calling, calling me… going to China or maybe Siam, I want to see for myself, those faraway places.”

It took more than 50 years to visit the faraway place with the strange sounding name, but in November, the lobster fisherman went with a small PEI delegation to attend a major seafood show in Dalian, China — an event that is every bit as big as the International Boston Seafood Show.

In the air for more than 15 hours, it was hard for Norman Peters to fathom what the country looked like from the air.

“It was amazing, it boggled my mind,” he said. “I come from Rustico, PEI, a fishing community with no traffic to speak of and no traffic lights. On the ground I had never seen such traffic or a city this enormous.”

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