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Lobster Fishery Concerns Prompt PEI Meetings
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The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA says it is confident recent meetings with lobster processors and the provincial government will result in an orderly fall lobster fishery.

 On Aug. 8, the PEIFA chaired an urgent meeting attended by four PEI processors and the PEI Fisheries Minister, Ron McKinley.

On the eve of the fall fishery, harvesters were concerned that the State of Maine harvesters encountered prices lower than average for this time of the year while their landings increased.

Historically plants in New Brunswick and PEI have used their excess capacity to process Maine lobster.For generations, live lobster has been moving both ways.

The PEIFA said processors have indicated they’ll buy the PEI fall catch but encouraged harvesters to ensure top quality lobster reaches the plant so that they’ll get the best shore price.

Fishermen insist that they’ll deliver quality product throughout the season.

No final price had been established up to the point of the meeting for the Area 25 fishery, which begins today.

In preparation for the fall season, the PEIFA has also held several meetings with Federal MP Gail Shea. In the coming weeks, meetings with the Federal Minister of Fisheries Keith Ashfield, and continued meetings with McKinley are planned. 

At the Wednesday meeting, PEI harvesters and processors said they would not condone any action that could result in restrictive trade in lobster between the U.S. and Canada.

Trade relations have been harmonious for decades, a practice the PEI industry continues to foster and support.


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